THE EVERMOOR CHRONICLES: the snoot and the egg

Season 1 | Episode 23

After the founders cursed Evermoor the only chance to rescue is solving a puzzle Otto got from his father before he were banned but because of their distress it'll have unexpected consequences.


MIDSOMER MURDERS: red in tooth and claw

Season 19 | Episode 4

The discovery of a body covered in live rabbits reveals a sinister side to the local pet show. Is this a rival taken too far or is the killer driven by something darker?



Season 10 | Episode 20

It's Waterloo Road's final chance to stop the school from merging with Havelock High and it's up to the students to take charge of saving the school.



Short Film

Paul wakes up from a coma and is told by his wife Beth they have been in a car accident. As the seriousness of the crash unfolds, Paul is asked to make one final choice.